Forex Compound Calculator

How It Works:

  1. Starting Balance:

    Enter your initial account equity (e.g., 1,000 units of your deposit currency).

  2. Number of Periods:

    Simulate a winning streak (e.g., 6 consecutive winning trades, each considered a period).

  3. Gain % per Period:

    The game-changer! Set the gain percentage per period (e.g., 2% per trade).

  4. Hit “Calculate”:

    Watch the magic unfold!


  • Discover “Ending Balance” after compounding gains from your winning streak.
  • Uncover the “Total Gain” percentage, showcasing the power of compounding.


Starting with 1,000 units and compounding 6 winning trades at 2% per trade, your ending balance is 1,126.16 units—a 12.6% increase!

Ready to see how your account can flourish through the art of compounding? Input your details and hit “Calculate” to witness the financial transformation!

Disclaimer: Results are based on simulated scenarios and are for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may vary.