The Skillset that will
Change your life.

The Neo Trading Club is a community of individuals who have
found a liberating escape from the monotony of everyday life through trading.
Our members are real people who share a passion for breaking away from
societal norms and achieving financial independence
through the exciting world of trading.

Innovative Forex Education

Our forex course is designed to give you a deep understanding of the forex market and equip you with the skills and strategies you need to trade forex confidently and profitably. We use innovative teaching methods to make learning fun and engaging, so you can stay motivated and achieve your trading goals.

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Trading Club

Our trading club gives you access to daily market analysis, trading psychology tips, and expert insights, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and make informed trading decisions. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other traders and share your ideas and experiences.

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Ready to Trade Strategy*

Unlike other courses that require you to create your plan based on the content,
this course will provide you with every detail of a proven, profitable trading strategy.
For the very first time, our founder will share his own detailed personal trading strategy
with you, so you can learn from his insights and apply his approach to your own trading.

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How Neo Trading Club Works

Learn the steps of our program.



Our forex course covers everything you need to know about forex trading, from basic concepts to advanced strategies. You’ll have access to daily market analysis, psychology videos, and other resources to keep you informed and improve your skills.



Join our trading club and connect with like-minded traders. Share your experiences and insights with a supportive community of passionate forex traders who are committed to helping each other succeed.



With our comprehensive forex course and trading club resources, you can transform your trading skills and achieve financial independence. Gain the confidence and knowledge to trade forex profitably, and reach your financial goals.


Be part of the 1%.


The best of Forex Education.
All in one.

Neo Trading Club bundles all amazing services into one easy subscription.
All members have private access to our basic to advanced trading contents,
including daily market analysis, psychology videos, and a
trading club platform to help you stay on top of your game.

The Neo learning experience.

With our microlearning approach and supportive community, you’ll be able to transform your trading skills like never before. Our platform offers trading lessons that are easy to digest, and you’ll have access to a community of traders who are passionate about helping each other succeed.

Session Overview

In this section, Marcos de Andrade will be introducing you to Neo Trading club and what you will be learning over the course.

Proven Scalability. Consistent Quality. High Success rate.
We’re committed to helping every member experience the transformational power of Neo Trading Club. We dedicate ourselves to provide you the best quality of content and services to help you achieve your goals and become a professional trader.
Marcos de Andrade | Founder

Free content.

from our club.

Monthly subscription $99/mo.

for ongoing forex trading education.
  • Live market updates
  • Club conversation and support
  • Live events
  • Neo Trading Strategy
  • Neo Mindset+


For Traders, by Traders.

We are a group of professionals from different backgrounds, who have decided to work together to build a better future for us and our families.
Together we will achieve more than any of us could do alone.

₿en SoN◎S


I’m blown away by the @NeoTradingClub platform. It’s intuitive and effective, and the team’s attention to detail is incredible. They’re true professionals, and I highly recommend them!

Great work 👏 @MrMarcosdeandrade @Team

11:49 AM
11:49 AM

Jul 17, 2021

Josh Brain 🚀🚀🚀


I was on the fence about joining @NeoTradingClub, but I’m so glad I did. The community support is amazing, and it’s great to learn alongside like-minded people.

10:52 AM
10:52 AM

Jun 15, 2021

Trevor Dash


Neo trading club and Marcos have truly changed the game in Forex education. The course material and platform are exceptional, and the team is dedicated to their students. Thanks to them, I’ve learned more in a few weeks than I have in years on my own. Thank you, @Mrmarcosdeandrade !

04:22 PM
04:22 PM

Apr 19, 2021

D$ Rock


I can’t say enough about the community support at @NeoTradingClub. From the very beginning, I felt welcomed and encouraged to ask questions and seek guidance. The team is always there to offer support and share their insights. Being part of this community has made all the difference in my trading journey. #tradingcommunity #neotradingclub

11:15 PM
11:15 PM

Aug 10, 2021



@Neotradingclub is a game-changer. The founder’s personal strategy plan is something unique and invaluable. It’s like having a mentor by your side, and it’s helped me feel more confident as a trader

17:17 AM
17:17 AM

Jul 04, 2021

The Crono$


Joining @NeoTradingClub has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my trading journey. The platform is easy to navigate, and the material is presented in an engaging way that makes learning enjoyable. The daily insights keep me up to date, and the community support has been invaluable in helping me understand concepts and strategies. Overall, @NeoTradingClub is a game-changer in the Forex education industry.💥💥💥

09:31 PM
09:31 PM

Sep 05, 2021


Neo Trader Roadmap

This is a beginner trader roadmap for the
twelve months post club join.


Building the foundation

Month 1: Introduction to our trading and basic market concepts
Month 2: Understanding market structure and order flow
Month 3: Learning and practicing basic technical analysis and risk management


Developing trading skills

Month 4: Studying our trading plan and journaling trades
Month 5: Practicing trades on a demo account
Month 6: Developing skills in entry and exit strategies


Trading psychology

Month 7: Learning how to manage emotions and mindset during trading
Month 8: Practicing discipline in sticking to trading plan and managing risk
Month 9: Developing mental resilience to handle losses and drawdowns

MONTH 10-11

Real-time trading

Month 10: Moving to a live trading account with small capital
Month 11: Implementing trading strategies in real-time market conditions
Month 12: Seeking funding from a company to trade with larger capital


Continuous improvement

After the first year, continue practicing and improving trading skills, reviewing and journaling trades, seeking feedback and support from trading community and mentors, and potentially seeking more funding from other prop firms.

Regular education comparison

Regular education comparison

Imagine having the opportunity to achieve financial independence in a matter of months, rather than years of traditional education and job hunting. Trading can offer just that, with the potential to earn profits and get funded by top companies. With our strategy and your dedication, you can fast track your journey towards financial freedom.

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The power of compound

The power of compound

Compound interest is the concept of earning interest on both the principal amount and the accumulated interest. When applied to trading profits, reinvesting those profits can lead to exponential growth over time. This means that the longer you trade and reinvest your profits, the faster your wealth can grow.

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Questions? Answers.

Find answers to common questions about our services, trading club, and account management.

What is Neo Trading Club?

The Neo Trading Club is a platform that bundles forex education with a ready-to-trade strategy, a private club, and trade mentoring all-in-one place.

The Neo Trading Club includes innovative teaching methods and you will become part of a community of passionate traders, all working together to achieve success in the forex market. With our platform, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, support from mentors, and a community forum where you can share ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from other members.

With your subscription, you will have access to the Neo Trading Academy, Live Market Section, Neo Trading Strategy, Psychology videos,  Trade analysis, Live Q&A sessions, Club conversation, and other extra content.

How can I join the club?

You can join the club by visiting our website and selecting a membership plan. However, please note that due to the high demand for our exclusive resources, membership spots are limited and may not be available for long. To avoid missing out on this opportunity, we recommend signing up as soon as possible by filling out a short application and payment form. Once your membership request is approved, you will receive immediate access to our member portal and can start taking advantage of all the benefits our club has to offer.

What are the club rules?

At Neo Trading Club, we take our club rules seriously to ensure that our members are committed to their trading success. Before joining our community, each member is required to read and agree to our full club manifesto. Our rules are designed to promote professionalism, dedication, and discipline among our members. Here are some of them:

Not a signal group: We want to emphasize that we are not a signal group. We are focused on educating and mentoring our members to become professional traders.

Fakes and scammers: To maintain a professional and disciplined environment, we are vigilant in identifying and banning fakers and scammers. We understand that the industry is full of them, and we are committed to keeping them out of our community.

Dedication and discipline: We strongly believe that dedication and discipline are the keys to success in trading. That’s why we are working on a project for each member to follow.

“I am certain that if you follow our main rules, you will be able to reach the financial and time freedom you always dreamed of. I know this because I have done it myself, and so have many others who followed the same rules.” Marcos de Andrade | founder

What if I don't have any trading experience?

Our platform is designed to be accessible to traders of all levels, including beginners. We offer comprehensive education and mentoring to help you build the skills you need to succeed in the forex market. Plus, with our ready-to-trade strategy, you’ll have a proven framework to follow right from the start.

If you have no experience with trading, we recommend that you start by learning some basics like what is pips, how to enter a trade, etc. To help you get started, we provide resources on our course page where you can find this information.

Do I get a free sample? And how can I access it?

We know how difficult it is to find good information on the internet. Most courses are rushed and of low quality. We understand that you want to invest your time and money in a course that is worth it. That’s why we’re offering free samples of our course to show you the high quality of our material and the effectiveness of our teaching style.

You will be able to access the content on our platform.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Members are free to cancel their membership at any time, but please note that there are no refunds for any payments already made. As a member, you are responsible for managing your own account and canceling your membership. To cancel your membership, simply go to the subscription settings on your profile and follow the instructions provided.

Can I trade profitably after completing this course?

While we can’t guarantee success, our course will provide you with a detailed trading strategy that has been proven to be profitable for our founder and many other traders who have taken the course. It will be up to you to apply the knowledge and skills you gain to your own trading.



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